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UFC 79: Nemesis

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Chuck "The Iceman"Liddell (-115) vs. Wanderlei "The Axe Murderer" Silva (-115)

by Cam Campbell
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Chuck Iceman LiddellvsWanderlei "The Axe Murderer" Silva

UFC 79: Nemesis
Saturday December 29 9:00PM (EST)
Chuck Liddell vs. Wanderlei Silva
Silva -115

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The match every mixed martial arts fans has been waiting for the last 4 years. To me, this is the ultimate Christmas gift. I’m not going to sugar coat this MMA match up. Wanderlei “The Axe Murderer” Silva (31-7-1-1) is going to beat Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell (20-5). No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Wanderlei Silva is one of the most feared strikers in the world and has fought every top level MMA fighter in the world no matter the size. He lost to Cro Cop in PRIDE Final Conflict Absolute and to Mark Hunt (a K-1 champion) at  PRIDE Shockwave 2004, but those two fighters are much heavier than him.

Silva has incredible striking skills as he is from the famed Chute Boxe academy in Brazil and trains with Shogun and Anderson Silva. His Muay Thai kicks and strikes are devastating. He has fought and beaten some of the best fighters in the world like Kazuyuki Fujita (heavyweight), Ricardo Arona, Kazuhiro Nakamura, Judo champion Hidehiko Yoshida twice, Yuki Kondo, Ikuhisa Minowa, Dan Henderson, Gilbert Yvel, Guy Mezger and two devastating KO’s over UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton Rampage Jackson at PRIDE Final Conflict 2003 and at PRIDE 28: High Octan. His wins over Jackson were so dominating that it was embarrassing.

Wanderlei Silva has great strikes and if the fight goes to the ground he has a Brazilian Jujitsu black belt. He is an all round fighter that has the ability to fight on the ground. Silva has fought all types of mixed martial arts fighter like jujitsu specialist, strikers, wrestlers and judo experts. He can adapt to all styles and Liddell has nothing that can surprise Silva at UFC 79 expect for some looping over hands.

Silva has been training with Team Couture in Vegas at Xtremecouture and Randy will have important inside information on how to fight Liddell. He is fighting top level fighters while training. Where is Chuck Liddell training? He is still doing the same routine and fighting at The Pit fight the same guys. At this point in his career he is too old to learn anything new, and just doesn’t want to learn.

I have said time and time again Chuck Liddell is a one dimensional fighter. He has no ground game whatsoever. Everyone knows he will strike. Yes, he has power and the ability to knock out fighters BUT when he fights fighters that have equal to or better power and striking skills, he WILL lose. Read our MMA matchup reports when he fought Keith Jardine and when he fought Rampage Jackson.

Liddell throws wild punches and his hands are constantly wide and to the side. When he fights a pure striker like Silva he will not be able to handle his striking technique or power. Whenever Liddell fights a striker he loses like Quinton Jackson, Keith Jardine and he should have lost to Alistair Overeem if he had better cardio.

Liddell is an average fighter at best. He is an good striker that has wins over below average strikers like Jeff Monson, Guy Mezger, Kevin Randleman, Vitor Belfort, Tito Ortiz, Renato Sobral, Jeremy Horn and Murilo Bustamante. Can Liddell win? Yes but if will be a lucky punch. Silva has faced much better and harder striker in the world and in my opinion there is no way he will be able to KO Silva.

Bottom Line: Silva wants this fights and is training really really hard and right now. He looks shredded and ripped. Silva is one of the most feared fighters in the world and lives and breaths fighting. He wants to beat Liddell and beat him badly. Liddell is basically living the life as a superstar. He is partying way too much at clubs and there are constant rumors about him doing drugs. He is on the tail end of his career and he just does not want to train to improve his fight game. His ground is non existent and his striking is not what it use to be. His fighting stance is way too wide and he will be caught with shots. His mentality has been you have to take shots to get shots but when he is fighting a superior stand up fighter that theory gets him beat. Chuck wants to act in TV shows and party like a rock star while Silva is training to tear his head off. I believe that they are at least 6 fighters right now that can beat Chuck on the UFC.

I honestly see no one particular attribute that Liddell has over Silva. He is not as strong, does not have as hard of hands, has one kick in his arsenal (high right leg kick), does not have the hand speed and is not better on the ground than Silva. Silva is one the most feared MMA fighter in the world and there is a reason for that.

Liddell is the face of the UFC and he is marketed as such but you have to look past the corporate marketing machine to realize that Liddell is not a good fighter. All Liddell is, is a name and Silva will expose him so badly in this fight.

Wanderlei will lay a beating on Chuck in the first right and at the start of the second round will punish Chuck until the ref will mercifully stop this fight.

Wanderlei will KO Liddell.

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