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UFC 85: Bedlam

MMA Fighting Matchups

Marcus Davis (+105) vs. Mike Swick (-135)

by Stan Leung
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UFC 85: Bedlam
Saturday June 7, 2008 1:30 PM EST
Marcus Davis vs. Mike Swick
UFC Betting Pick:
Mike Swick

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UFC Welterweight fight: Marcus Davis vs. Mike Swick

I think neither of these welterweight fighters is at the UFC welterweight contention level, but Marcus Davis puts on a great show and that’s what UFC matchmaker Joel Silva and Dana White like.

Don’t let the Irish Hand Grenade fool you, he is not a complete MMA fighter yet. Yes he is exciting and is learning to be a complete fighter everyday but he is nowhere nears as well rounded as Mike “Quick” Swick is. Fans love Marcus Davis because he puts on great fights and likes to stand and trade with opponents but he has not fought top level opponents yet in his career. He has fought below average fighters and his only fighters he has fought that are average are Melvin Guillard at UFC - Ultimate Fighter 2 Finale and Thiago Alves; both of which he lost to. Yes Davis is on a 11 fight win streak but against relative unknowns in the world of mixed martial arts. Out of those 11 victories the only notable fighter are Shonie Carter and Pete Spratt who are on the decline in their careers.

At 11 and 2 Swick has fought at the middleweight weight class and welterweight weight class as well. Going into this fight he will be the bigger body and he has quick and heavy hands. Right now Swick trains at the American Kickboxing Academy with Jon Fitch, Josh Koscheck, Bobby Southworth, Cung Le and other MMA fighters. Also Sean Sherk, BJ Penn, Phil Baroni and Frank Shamrock train there on occasion and BJJ legend Dave Camarillo, Lynn Schultz, Ted Lucio and Javier Mendez also are there. AKA is now one of the best MMA clubs in the world right now, while Davis trains with his own team in his in Bangor Maine called Team Irish. Training with an inferior group of individuals will make his MMA game not as sound and sharp by fight time.

Davis has way better hands than Swick but this fight will be a ground battle. Surprisingly, Davis does have a lot of submission victories and his ground game has vastly improved but he will not has to submit Swick who has much better ground and pound skills  and if Swick keeps this a wrestling and ground game he will beat Davis. Swick has fought much better opponents with victories over Josh Burkman at UFC - Fight Night 12, David Loiseau at UFC 63 - Hughes vs Penn and Joe Riggs. He also has a loss to Yushin Okami but he lost by decision.

Swick has a lot of decision which means he has the ability to go all three rounds while Davis has only gone to decision 3 times in his career. If Swick is able to weather the initial onslaught he will take over the fight with kicks and by scoring take down points.

Bottom Line: Swick is a better well rounded fighter that comes from a better MMA training camp and this attention to detail to technique, training partners, and preparation is the key to this fight.

When their careers end Marcus Davis will the more accomplished and better fighter but not after UFC 85. As a UFC sports bettor this is not the time to bet on Davis. He need to become a more complete fighter and go to a better camp and train with better partners that can push him instead of in Bangor Maine.

Betting wise this fight will start off with Davis engaging but Swick will use his size and reach advantage to back off Davis with lower legs kicks. Davis has been susceptible to kicks in the past and his former boxing career has attributed to that. A boxer has a different stance which is good for professional boxing but not mixed martial arts. Davis stance leads him vulnerable to kicks which he can not check as effectively in his accustomed stance. In Davis' fight against Paul Taylor at UFC 75 - Champion vs. Champion in London, England he was knocked down by a kick to the neck. Swick who trains at the American Kickboxing Academy means his kickboxing skills will reign out over Davis’. If this fight goes to the ground Swick will be able to his superior wrestling skills and larger body frame to gain top position on Davis.

As a UFC bettor don’t let the UFC highlight reels fool you in to betting on Davis. Marketing does wonders to promote a fighter but Davis is not ready at this point in his career. Take Swick as most online sports betting sportsbook have him at -135 which is a decent return for online bettors.

This fight will end in three round unanimous decision with Swick landing the take down points and controlling the top position on the ground

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