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Kimbo Slice (-350) vs. Tank Abbott (+275)

by Stan Leung
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Kimbo Slice vs. Tank Abbott

Elite XC: Street Certified
Kimbo Slice (-350) vs. Tank Abbott (+275)
Saturday, February 16, 11.15pm EST
Slice -350

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Kimbo slice: "I'll take on anybody." Tank Abbott: "It's going to be a long night for Kimbo and a short one for me"

Kimbo SliceBasically this fight is a publicity stunt between a rising MMA star on the rise versus a 42 year old over the hill fighter looking for a cash grab. They call Pride fights circus fights but this mixed martial match takes the cake, at the BankUnited Center at the University of Miami. Why does Tank keep getting shots? Well he is a fan favorite and he sells tickets; God only knows why.

Kimbo Slice aka Kevin Ferguson (1-0), popularized by the Internet as a street fighter now turns his attention to mixed martial arts and legal fighting. He will be fighting the ultimate street fighting legend Dave Tank Abbott. This fight will not last more than 2 minutes and it will end by knock out. There is no way Tank has even a shot at beatinh Kimbo who is bigger, stronger, younger and just a more devastating puncher in the stand up.

The difference between the two fighters is that Kimbo is working on his craft and seeking out great training partners, teachers and trying to learn how to fight in mixed martial arts. Abbott is a throw back to the early days of the UFC and has never even the slightest inclination to do anything to improve as an all round fighter. Abbott does not train for cardio and he thinks that his striking abilities will be enough for him to win a fight.

Kimbo Slice is just a beast in the stand up with a great chin. He has fought on the streets for money. Punch for punch Tank falls way short. The King of the Web Brawlers has the instincts and great stand up skills to trade punches with Tank and he will do it with more ferocity. Despite being an amateur in MMA fighting Kimbo is surprisingly clam and patient as a striker. He waits for his shots and than he will move in for the kill. Surprisingly enough, Kimbo is a very cagy striker that sets up his KO shots with brutal body shots to the liver.

Tank is just too old to fight these days and his power is no where near as effective as Kimbo. Tank is 42 years old!!! What can he offer as his age to even compete with Kimbo? He has a 10 and 13 MMA record and he has been knocked out but way lesser threats in the stand up than Kimbo. He has been KO’ed by Paul Buentello, Wesley Correira, Kimo Leopoldo, Pedro Rizzo, Maurice Smith, Vitor Belfort, Don Frye and Scott Ferrozzo. Most of these guys are not even fighting anymore; that's how old Tank is in the MMA game.

Tank has no shot at beating Kimbo. Kimbo has recruited MMA legend Bass Rutten to teach him how to fight and he has refined his raw talent into a killing machine in the stand up. At 6 foot 2 and 250 pounds his wide frame will just overpower the out of shape fighter.

Bottom Lime: Too much power, too much strengthen and the desire to improve as a MMA fighter. He is younger, faster and just head and tales better above an aging fighter that should have disappeared long ago. This will end in knock out by Kimbo, the real betting questions is if this will go over or under one minute. I say under.

KO in under 30 seconds

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